Introducing my son, Oliver…






He is TWO MONTHS OLD now! Time seems to be flying by. These are some pictures I took on a very fussy day…the day after his first big set of shots. I felt so bad for the little guy. He was so tired but couldn’t sleep very well. There was a lot of walking around and doing different things this day as I tried to soothe him.

3 thoughts on “The day after his 2 month shots… :(

  1. jeg har faktisk hele 13 Biyelhylllr i min lille leilighet pÃ¥ 70 kvadrat. Brukes til oppbeavring av bøker, filmer, pynt, klær, sko og annet. kunne ikke klart meg uten! 😀 tør ikke tenke pÃ¥ hvor mange sÃ¥nne hyller i ulike varianter jeg har skrudd sammen oppigjennom Ã¥rene… den grønne er bare superkul! *♥*

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! I appreciate this message today, Kim. I will simply answer your questions by saying that my gratitude is tied to my praise and my praise is tied to my gratitude. I love the simplicity of this Spirit-inspired lesson. I grasp the depths of this more and more with each passing day. HalleluJAH!(Meditation/Praise Focus: Psalm 34:1; 1 Thessalonians 5:18)

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