It’s important to try to feel good about the way you look, especially right after having a baby when all your hormones are going crazy. But your body just went through so many changes, and it is super hard sometimes to deal with them.

Since I had my son via c-section in May, my body has changed a lot. Well, really, it all started with getting pregnant, obviously. I didn’t just get a baby bump and put on 20 pounds – my body changed. I’ve now lost all that baby weight and my figure is far from what it was pre-pregnancy.

My boobs didn’t really get that much larger during my pregnancy, but they certainly did when my milk came in a few days after I had the baby. But my hips got wider when I was pregnant! I started to notice it fairly early on.

And now, since I had a c-section, I have a sensitive/numb incision scar and a weird flap of skin. From what I’ve read, that flap is fairly common and it is referred to by many as the c-section “pooch.” That is a good way to describe it (I hate the word flap anyways but that’s all that came to mind before I read about it).

Dressing for my new body is difficult. I actually liked my pregnant body for the most part and I kinda miss it. Most of my dresses don’t fit anymore because of my chest size. Some maternity clothes are awkward on me now, and I definitely can’t wear the pants with the big belly panel. But I will be honest – I am still not wearing real pants. They are uncomfortable and awkward between dealing with my incision area sensitivity and “da pooch.” Regarding shirts, some also don’t fit because of my chest and I need to be mindful not to highlight “da pooch.”

But, whatever. The increase in my hips and boobs only make my waist look smaller. I’m learning to dress for my new body. I’m learning to love it.

My “body confidence for new moms” tips:

  1. Purchase some new clothing items if you can swing it. I love the feeling of wearing stuff I just bought, and especially feeling cute in them. Like I said, this is an important time to try to actually feel okay in your own skin. For me, at least, not looking “good” stresses me out.
  2. Actually wear real clothes. Try not to stay in your jammies all day…I found that depressing. It’s hard sometimes with a new baby, but I always put on at least some cute yoga clothes.
  3. Start getting back into an exercise routine – it makes me feel good that I’m at least working on my body and trying to get more toned. The endorphins also help!
  4. Realize that things may never be the same. I don’t want to say goodbye to some of my pre-pregnancy clothes, but I’m starting to go through them and realize that they just don’t fit right anymore and they may never fit right again. It’s sad, but now I can add in new items (and I love shopping!)
  5. LOOK AT YOURSELF STRAIGHT IN THE MIRROR. I have 20,000 stretch marks. I have a huge scar on my tummy. I hate that little pooch! But I look at myself in the mirror and I’m getting used to it.


Like, I had a baby. All the changes are perfectly normal. That’s what happens. You and I have no reason to feel crappy about it.


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