Hello again!

I feel like I talked a lot last week, and I wanted to do a photo-based post today. So here are some photos I’ve taken in the past couple weeks.

The first photo collage is all about my kitties. Basically, my life is just all about my kitties. Brigit always wants to do what Brandon and I are doing. She’s a little copycat. And she doesn’t like when we are on the floor. I think she worries that we are hurt or something. Here, she is sniffing Brandon/giving him a little kiss while he foam rolls. And she does a little stretching with him, too. Zero, below left, is tucked in to some blankets at the end of our bed while Brigit checks out the situation. On the bottom right, I caught the two of them cuddlin’ on my filming sofa.

maggie wintertonIn this next collage, you can see my not-so-awesome mirrored elevator selfie. Just as I was taking the picture, the doors opened. You can still kind of see Brandon and I! The middle pictures and the top right photo were taken in Pacific beach last weekend. It was a beautiful day that ended in a beautiful sunset! And finally, Brandon wanted to get some new summer shoes to wear with his new booming short collection (this is the first year he has ever worn shorts and he loves them now!) so we went to Nordstrom Rack to look for some. Instead, I found some REALLY COOL Italian loafers. He thought they were not exactly “summer shoes.”

maggie winterton

Here you can see the new summer shoes he got — They’re orange and blue Sperry Top Sider’s. But this is my dream kitchen and Ikea has it on display right now. I had to take a picture (doesn’t Brandon look so at home?!) because when I have the chance to build it, I want to remember what exactly what it looks like!

I probably won’t get my dream kitchen for a long time, but our offer on the condo I mentioned last week was accepted!


Hope you enjoyed this look into my life!


4 thoughts on “Pictures, Please: July 2014

  1. Den SKAL lille mini-Macsha da eje! Hvis jeg havde haft en pige skulle hun da helt sikkert have den…. Afsted med dig pÃ¥ indkøb! Bare lad Nicolas blive hjemme, nÃ¥r han sÃ¥ engang ser sutten pÃ¥ baby, er han med garanti solgt til stanglakrids!

  2. Ser ut som du har system i sakene dine Marie! Skikkelig fint og ryddig hobbyrom. Drømmer om nytt hobbyrom med to breie benkeplater og masse hylleplass..får aldri nok plass når eg sett i gang!Nusselig dukkehus:-)God veke til dokke alle 4!

  3. Auf gar keinen Fall die weiße Rasse.Die hat ausgedient.Ich hätte lieber die Indianer würden die Welt erben. Denn Tötende Roboter-Zombies braucht die Erde mit Garantie nicht mehr.Schon gar keine die matsch in der Birne sind wegen Religionen.

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