maggie winterton at the San Diego county fab fair

a photo from my instagram: click here for link!

I’d like to introduce you to the new!

My husband and I updated the look of this site a couple weeks ago, and now I think I’m ready to really start blogging here!

First of all, since my last post I am no longer just a guest poster on No, I am the editor-in-chief now!

Founding editor Renee Fisher decided to step down and trusted me enough to continue the legacy. I feel so blessed for this opportunity.

I’d like to talk about the future of (what I’ve decided to call now, much less to type!!).

For now (at least for the summer), I plan on posting once a week on Wednesdays. It’s the same with Devotional Diva (but DD posts go up on Tuesdays) right now, because summer is such a busy time for everyone. I hope to rev up the posting schedules for both websites in late August.

But what am I even going to put on here?

I’ve spent literally months trying to figure that out. I would sit with an idea for awhile, and then go back to it and wonder what I was thinking. Some of my ideas were just way too involved or just weird.

I’ve pared down the blog post ideas now, but they’ll probably change in the future at some point too. Hopefully I will come up with some more good ideas, right? 😉

I plan on sharing photos of my life here and personal updates. But also, I want to write editorials, share what I’ve been writing and working on and other fun or useful stuff I think might be interesting.

And like Devotional Diva, I want this to be as positive a place as possible! I hate negativity and I feel that it’s unnecessary here.

I hope you enjoy this journey with me!

I’ll leave you with some recent pictures:

maggie-winterton-collagemaggie winterton

The black and white kitty you see is Zero. He is 16 years old and has lived with my husband his entire life. The gray calico is my little baby Brigit — she is three. They are the lights of my life! So cute, right? Above, my husband, Brandon, and I grabbed some gelato and below, we hit up the Beatles Experience at the San Diego County Fair. The ring in the second collage is a drusy quartz and gold-plated piece I got at the fair’s gem show.


4 thoughts on “Big Things are Happening!!

  1. I just love the look and feel of your new site. I am so excited for you and can’t wait to see all the places the Lord will lead you guys!

    1. i have a friend, who in her family, it goes”twinstripletstwinsand none of them are identical. i always wish i had an identical twin, and i was older. the only people in my family who are twins are my uncles, and they are completely identical, but its no fun cuz i never see either of them 11/10/2012 | 8:38 PM  

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