I’m pleased to announce that I am making what I call “Christian lifestyle” videos now on YouTube! Here is the link to my new “Maggie Winterton” channel.

I really enjoy making videos. I got started with video editing in my high school broadcast journalism class. Honestly, broadcast journalism is what I planned to go into after high school, rather than magazine or newspaper journalism. I did not end up going into a journalism major, but I think what I do with blogging is kind of journalism after all! Anyways…

I did “newsy” assignments in that class, but I also had a WEEKLY MAKEUP SHOW. It was very fun. Then I started making similar fashion, beauty and DIY videos for YouTube in 2013 on my own. I decided to stop because 1. I wanted to focus on writing 2. It seemed shallow at the time.

Then when I took over Devotional Diva last year, I decided to make devotional videos. It just didn’t work out because I boxed myself into a structure for them, and it was sometimes hard to come up with topics and not ramble.

So I’m basically trying to blend fun and faith (You know, I just wrote that, but I think that might be my new “tagline” for the channel…) in this new channel. I want to do style, diy, home, family…”lifestyle-y” things; but also devotionals and Christ-centered videos.

I hope you’ll tune in! Below is my most recent video on my “maternity style.” I would have had a video up this week, too, if I wasn’t hit with a nasty cold!

3 thoughts on ““Christian Lifestyle” videos

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