Since this is my personal blog, I want to try to keep updates on my life on here. It won’t be too detailed or anything — it’s just for fun.

I think I will call it “what’s going on in my life.” Maybe I need a better title… By far the biggest part of my life right now is writing! That’s pretty cool to say. I didn’t know if that would ever be possible! In addition to the writing I’m doing for this blog and Devotional Diva, I’m also doing some editing. Kind of goes along with being an editor! When I was editing for my high school paper, I loved it. I never thought I would be able to do that sort of thing again. I feel really blessed. However, I’ve never responded to so many emails before!! But that’s a good thing for Devotional Diva šŸ™‚

I’m also making YouTube videos once a week for the Devotional Diva channel — I’m really enjoying it!

I’ve been asked about my filming background — while I plan to do a filming set up and office tour soon, I thought I would share a little about where I film right now. This is me on my “filming couch” Devotional Diva YouTube channel screen shot on This owl pillow was featured on my Instagram in that photo at the beginning of this post.Ā It’s actually from Ikea, but I know Ikea’s aren’t everywhere (like thereĀ areĀ NONE in my home state of Iowa) so here’s a link to amazonĀ if you need this pillow like I did when I first saw itĀ (surprisingly it’s even prime!)

Any other owl lovers in the house?

Well you’ll be pleased to hear that the “cover” for my little filming couch is actually a kid’s owl quilt. I know, I know. It’s the CircoĀ® Love n Nature Quilt Set. I just…had to have it? The hounds tooth pillow is also from Ikea, but I also found it on Amazon! Sadly I couldn’t find the pillow that’s on the top of the couch…but it was from Ikea. So those are a few of the decorative touches I have in my filming area — more on that in future posts though!

If you haven’t seen the Devotional Diva YouTube videos, you should really check them out!! (Click this link to go to the channel)

Besides all that stuff, I’m currently going through a chiropractic rehab program for my neck and upper back. On a whim, Brandon and I got free evaluations with x-rays. Secretly, I just wanted Brandon to get help because he had a lot of back pain. It turned out my neck was in worse shape than his back! I wish I had my x-ray, because it says my neck is negative zero degrees. Yes, my neck is slightly negative. I thought that was pretty funny — a human’s neck is supposed to be positive 40 degrees. So I’m doing about 2 hours of chiropractic care, physical therapy/rehab, massage and lidocaine injections 3-4 days a week. It is almost like a part-time job! But I’m seeing improvement. Brandon and I also are…*drum roll please*

trying to buy a house/condo!

Yep, it’s serious. We have a real estate agent and everything. I feel so cool. We looked at four properties — really just the tip of the iceberg of the ones we’re interested in. We put our first offer in on a condo, then put in a counter offer, and now we’re waiting to find out if it’s accepted! All of this craziness going on (plus a couple things I’m not at liberty to discuss at this moment!) has made me pretty stressed out. Hence, the 2 AM apple cider drinking with my cat from that top instagram photo. SometimesĀ a girl just needs to relax!! Ā  By the way, those are affiliate links up there. I was going to put links there anyways, so I figured, “why not?” I’ll try them out.

3 thoughts on “What’s Going on in My Life (A brief summary)

  1. huhuu. penat giler, gerak from jb kul 8.45mlm, smpi ayer keroh benti jap n teruskan peaajlrnan, nak dekat simpang ampat tu jem giler! ingatkan jem sebab byk kete tp tetibe kawan msj kate ade eksiden. about 1hour 30min gak la hadap jem tu, lebih kurg 10km perjalanan. Bus dah dialihkan ketepi, tp masyaAllah, teruk bus delima tu..

  2. Rena, you have a tin ear if you think her last two albums sucked! And Sean, what the hell are you trying to say about P!nk? P!nk is a vocalist as well. A damn good one at that. On that song, this song is good. Not great but good. The three new songs I’ve heard leave me wanting more. If that’s all of the new stuff on the Greatest Hits album, then I’m a bit worried for Kellegend.

  3. Uite ca si la noi, s-a intamplat tot asa. asociatie careia mai bine nu-i dau numele: ca fac, ca dreg, ca se apuca ei de un ziar si de un radio al poporului sucevean, cau au sponsori, materiale, posibilitati, etc. se apuca de scris manifesturi, streseaza lumea, accept si de 2 saptamani, nu mai am nici un raspuns de la ei. Poftim cultura…:))ĆƒÅ½Ć…Ā£i place? 0

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