My hubs, Brandon, had a few days off for the 4th of July. We were able to spend some quality time together in Pasadena, CA at the Rose Bowl’s Americafest, Dave & Busters, and he even helped with my new headshots 🙂

My new headshots were taken at the San Diego Museum of Art — such a beautiful place!

I wanted to get some opinions on the two headshots I’m stuck between…

head shot for maggie wintertonOf course, I can use both for different things, or at a different point. But I’m just not sure which one I like best, or which one would be better for my blogs and guest posting.

Here are some fun out takes from the shoot:

bad headshot collage

I like that first one (obviously it is too silly for my real head shot) but I think it’s kinda cute. I might use it for something.

Here are some instagram and Facebook posts from this past week:

instagramindapendance fbpostcar

And some more photos:




Brandon won big at Dave and Buster’s, scoring me a pug! Also, the black tape you might see on me in some of the pictures is KT Tape, for my neck and back. I’m currently going through a rehab program to undo some damage.

See you next week!!

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