We call ourselves Christians, but how do you bring God into your everyday life?

Think about it. Is God in your life every day?

If so, that’s great! But I know many of us, myself included, struggle with letting God be a part of our everyday life.

It can be hard! We’re busy. We’re tired. We’re caught up in work, school, family, friends and other obligations.

If we do attend a church, it might be hard to make it every week (I’m certainly guilty of this lately…)

Late last summer, I was pretty busy working as a nanny, writing a book, being a wife, keeping a house, doing physical therapy for my pulled hamstring, going to a women’s Bible study group, and other little obligations. I was struggling to find time to complete my usual Bible study in the mornings, I wasn’t always making it to church on Sundays, and I was feeling pretty crappy about everything.

So I learned how to infuse God into my day without putting too much pressure on myself.

I’m going to share a few tips on how to bring God into your everyday life that I hope will help you out, too:

  1. Make prayer a habit.

So like, this is actually something I’ve been practicing since I was about 10. My mom and dad never pressured me to pray every night, but I decided to adopt the practice myself.

Before I fall asleep every night, I pray. I don’t kneel by my bed or anything – I keep it super casual. Sometimes I even do it while I’m washing my face before bed.

Now, I don’t know if this is weird or anything, but I make a visual flow chart in my head for what to pray about. It looks kind of like this:

maggie winterton's mental prayer flow chart


But every night what offshoots from the basic categories is different. Some topics stay for a really long time, while others are quickly resolved.

The little flow chart makes it easy for me to efficiently pray about everything I want to pray about.

If you’re struggling with finding time to pray, try to pick a good time that you could make a habit. Stick with it, and you soon enough you should start feeling weird if you don’t do it at that time.

So then you’ve connected with God at least once that day!

  1. Read Devotional Books

This has been a big key for me in really learning about God.

I didn’t do much Bible studying until I was an adult, and when I started, I did it in the mornings.

That worked for awhile, but everyone knows there are days where it’s like YOU JUST DO NOT HAVE TIME.

So this year, I really focused on reading devotional books that don’t require a lot of looking up long scriptures yourself. And I’m doing them in the evening instead.

I literally just finished reading my friend Renee’s book Dream Devotional: 40 Days of Hope
It’s recently in print!

It’s awesome. I mean, I loved it. It really catered to the dreamer in me 🙂

I look forward to that little bit of peace at the end of my day. I’m able to make time for this reading a lot easier than in the morning right now, too. And I think it might be helping me sleep a tad easier!

Most devotional books have little prayers at the end of each day or chapter, which gives me more opportunity to pray. And in all honesty, I can whip through a day of a devotional and pray in about 10 minutes – it’s not a huge time commitment.

  1. Ask yourself, “What would Jesus do in this situation?”

No, I do not wear one of those WWJD bracelets anymore. I just try to ingrain it in my mind and think about it throughout the day.

And I specifically think about what JESUS would do. Not how to act like a Christian. It’s a sad fact that Christians don’t act like Jesus wants us to all the time.

My mom always used to remark how, as soon as the service was over at a church we went to when I was younger, people would cut us off in the parking lot.

That’s why I don’t say try act like a Christian – try to act like Jesus. He is the best example.


So those are three easy ways you can infuse God into your everyday life. I hope that maybe they can help you out in your Christian walk!

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